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Movie Chain Shorts #4 – Reservoir Dogs

In the latest of the Movie Chain Shorts, a ‘hangry’ Arinze (@afroskeptic) goes Reservoir Dogs on the neighbourhood pizza delivery guy for a late delivery.

The polls are open for the next movie to review and shoot. Choose between horror flick Sinister, critically acclaimed drama The Social Network or leave us your movie selection beginning with the letter ‘S’ in the comments.

Movie Chain Shorts #3 – Shaolin Soccer

In the back gardens of London, a shaolin soccer showdown takes place between two opponents but who will emerge as the master? The Shaolin Soccer sketch from Episode 3 is finally here! Hope you enjoy it while we put together the next sketch for The Shawshank Redemption.

Movie Chain Shorts #1 – National Treasure

Check out the first in our series of shorts filmed for the Movie Chain podcast. We will be filming shorts based around the film that is reviewed on the latest podcast.

This gives you, our audience, a chance to be creative with your picks for the podcast.

Here’s a link to the podcast episode in case you missed it: