Itty and Baba Eliminate A Clone!

Film Riot is a channel on YouTube which shows tutorials on movies with regards to filming, writing, editing, and creating visual effects. And the awesome guys over at Film Riot started setting challenges for their viewers to complete, where we send in a 20 second clip with a set technique and any other requirements. For example, a head shot scene with a cheesy one liner in 20 seconds. Film Riot then picks the best videos and shows it on their Monday episodes, where they set another challenge for the viewers.

So this week’s challenge was to use the cloning effect and involve a plunger in this 20 second scene in some way. This was a very interesting experience and we were amazed at the amount of work that goes into a 20 second clip, let alone a movie.

And so we present to you, the first ever video and first ever Film Riot challenge entry from It’s Ok Guys HQ. Watch this space or our YouTube channel for more videos in the future.

Sidenote: The latest episode was recorded straight after filming this clip.

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